5 Tips for Writing Great Web Copy

Thursday, 27 March 2014 08:53
Posted in Copywriting
Written by  Emma Mackenzie

Did you know that you have around 15 - 20 seconds whilst a reader scans your content deciding whether they've arrived at the right website to meet their needs? Making a good first impression is vital! Knowing not just what to say - but how to say it will give you the competitive edge that you need.

Writing for the web is very different to writing for print. It depends upon your industry, but broadly speaking your online voice can be more informal than other official offline documentation.

Adhere to these web copy writing tips to see your website conversion take off!

1. Don’t over-do it!

A web page of text going on as long as your arm is a big turn off for your website visitors. You may think that you appear very knowledgeable on your subject matter. Your reader will just see an ocean of words to sift through trying to find what they are looking for. Keep it short and sweet for bigger impact.

2. Put important stuff near the top

Online, we tend to skim read rather than digesting every word. You’ll only hold your readers’ interest for seconds, so make the most of them. Put the most important points at the top of the page. Keep it short - a sentence or two at most communicating whatever you feel is the key message for readers’ to take away.

3. Use chunking

Splitting your content down into easy digestible short paragraphs means people are more likely to continue reading. Long paragraphs are off-putting and harder to skim. The further down the page you go your paragraphs can get longer - anyone still reading by this point is hooked.

4. Use bullet points

Why use 30 words when 8 will do? Be brief, use bullet points to pull out key sales messages or points of difference. Bullet points allow you to communicate more information in a concise format and they make the page look more interesting!

5. Write the way you speak

Try to make your copy feel personal. Use everyday English as you would speak it rather than as you would write it, think about how you would talk to your audience if you were face to face.


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